Remanufactured Mercedes-Benz DPF Parts

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Diesel particulate filters as a Genuine Remanufactured Part.

The Genuine Remanufactured Diesel particulate filter for Mercedes-Benz Trucks ensures compliance with the Euro VI standard emissions in a particularly efficient and economical way. Thanks to a specially developed cleaning and test procedure, full functionality is guaranteed with a filtration efficiency of 99.98%.

Your “full service package” for full economic efficiency:

Attractive price:
Cleaning saves you buying a new diesel particulate filter. This conserves resources and reduces your expenses. In addition, the price already includes all the parts necessary for replacing the filter.

Short downtimes:
Thanks to the replacement procedure, the new filter is ready to be installed immediately. Sending in the complete filter for cleaning does not result in any time off the road. Due to the fact that the entire component is checked, our filters fit perfectly and can be installed quickly.

High functionality:
The highly specialized cleaning process ensures the highest purification levels and thus the full performance efficiency – just like a new part. This results in optimum fuel consumption with the optimal engine performance thanks to low exhaust gas back pressure and long, predictable maintenance intervals – up to 700,000 km with just one complete cleaning.

Mercedes-Benz warranties:
High quality and performance of the Mercedes-Benz Genuine Remanufactured Diesel particulate filter. Rely on the exclusive expertise of the manufacturer of your vehicle.

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*Mercedes-Benz diesel particulate filter achieves 99.98% filtration. **This is the price after the exchange surcharge of £657 Diesel particulate filters.