Model Overview

Whatever the challenge, there's a Canter that's up for it.

FUSO Canter offers the ultimate range of light-duty trucks, designed for the modern urban environment and made for business. See the Canter range below.


If you’re driving and working in the crowded streets of Britain’s cities, Canter 3.5t does the job. With the smallest turning circle in its class and a neat cab width of 1.7m or 2m, it gets just about anywhere a van can go – and you can drive it on a standard UK car licence, with no special training. Spacious cabs and independent suspension ensure a comfortable ride, and the longest body length in its segment means there’s plenty of room for the tools and materials of your trade. The Canter 3.5t – the real city slicker of the range.


When work takes you off-road – whether it’s a building site in the city or a remote rural location – the Canter 6.5t 4×4 keeps you firmly on the ground. For winter service, or anywhere you’re faced with steep gradients, it’s a natural. Switching easily between two and four-wheel drive, the efficient 3.0-litre Canter 6.5t 4×4 delivers great fuel efficiency. With a robust ladder-type frame for diverse body solutions, it’s ideal for public services, horticulture, landscaping and construction. Put it to the test, on and off-road.


If you need to make fewer journeys, or carry more materials per trip but you still need an easy-to-drive, agile truck that’s at home in city streets, the Canter 7.5t delivers a market-leading payload. Developed for congested, urban environments, the 7.5t workhorse is available with DUONIC® transmission – the world’s first dual clutch on a truck – as well as ESP and start-stop as standard. With a load bearing capacity of five tonnes, it’s the Canter that lets you carry more.


With more than a tonne extra payload, the big brother of the Canter family gives you all the capability and refinement of the 7.5t plus crucial extra carrying power. Yet Canter 8.55t is still less than 2.2m wide and highly manoeuvrable, allowing access to zones restricted to the 10t limit. Perfect for brewery work, municipal projects or even emergency services – Canter 8.55t has the strength to deliver.

Customer Testimonial - LJX turns over a new leaf with FUSO Canter 

When it comes to buying the right truck, distance doesn’t matter to LJX Tree Services – which explains why the fast-growing Scottish firm has just acquired its third FUSO Canter within the last six months from South Wales Dealer Euro Commercials.

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