Greater Safety

We do everything. For a particularly high level of safety

Reaching the destination safely – with the support of assistance and safety systems which actively ease the burden on the driver, help protect the vehicle and its cargo and so contribute to greater cost-effectiveness. On every trip.

This is the second pillar of RoadEfficiency: trucks that are very safe are not just an important development for all road users. They are also more efficient, because accident-related downtime is a much rarer occurrence. This is why we have been focusing for over 45 years now on developing innovative safety systems.

This has included the introduction of ABS and ASR, the electronic braking system, Lane Keeping Assist, Stability Control Assist and Active Brake Assist.

With the enhanced Active Brake Assist and the new Sideguard Assist – two safety systems that provide additional support for the driver where there is a risk of collision, including with pedestrians - we are continuing our pioneering work and doing all that we can to ensure that you arrive safely and efficiently. Not just on the motorway but in urban areas too.

Safety. It's in our DNA. Always has been.
Setting the safety benchmark. It’s where we came from, it’s where we are today. From the brand that produced the world’s first vehicle with brakes on all wheels in 1924, to the first to fit ABS as standard on a truck in 1992.
Discover the safety DNA that makes up Mercedes-Benz Trucks on RoadStars.

Active Brake Assist 4

The fourth generation of the system assists the driver** by carrying out a full brake application in response to stationary and moving objects and partial braking in response to pedestrians in motion; in this way, it can reduce the severity of accidents or even prevent them completely.

Sideguard Assist

It is able to assist the driver when turning or when changing lanes by being able to detect moving and stationary objects in the warning zone on the right-hand side or in the trailer's curve*, and can visually and audibly warn the driver in the event of danger. Sideguard Assist** monitors the entire length of the tractor/trailer combination and allows pedestrians and cyclists to be detected.

Further safety systems

Mercedes-Benz employs many safety and assistance systems to reduce risks and ease the burden on the driver. Alongside the Electronic Braking System with ABS, ASR, Brake Assist, hill holder and Active Brake Assist, the Stability Control Assist system, Lane Keeping Assist and Attention Assist also contribute to the high level of safety. Systems such as the bi-xenon headlamps*, the rain/light sensor*, the co-driver mirror with a manoeuvring function* and the tyre pressure monitoring system* help the driver to avoid or mitigate accidents.

Attention Assist

Warning of increasing tiredness. The optionally available Attention Assist* system can additionally increase the level of road safety. Based on specific factors such as steering behaviour, it is able to detect increasing fatigue levels and lapses in concentration on the part of the driver. It also provides visual and audible warnings and recommends taking a break.
* Optional equipment. Only available in conjunction with Lane Keeping Assist.

Proximity Control Assist

If the standstill time in stop-start traffic is less than two seconds, the vehicle starts moving again without the need to operate the accelerator pedal. The driver retains control over the vehicle at all times. Proximity Control Assist* does not detect stationary obstacles. If vehicles suddenly appear, Proximity Control Assist can intervene with predefined levels of deceleration. 
* Optional extra, only in conjunction with Active Brake Assist 3 or Active Brake Assist 4.

Lane Keeping Assist

On the right track. This system is available on request and is able to detect lane markings. It is always alert and can warn the driver if it recognises that the vehicle is in danger of leaving its lane unintentionally. If this happens, an acoustic warning sounds over the radio’s loudspeakers. The camera mounted behind the windscreen continuously sends images of the road markings to its powerful computer, which monitors the lateral distance between the vehicle and the road markings, raising the alarm if the worst should come to the worst.

Sensed fifth-wheel coupling

The sensor-controlled fifth-wheel coupling* lets the driver know whether the coupling is locked or unlocked in the instrument cluster. This enhances safety and avoids repair costs.
* Optional equipment.

Multifunction key

It offers all the functions of an extended central locking system and allows the tyre pressure and lighting checks to be carried out. It also serves as a remote control for features such as the radio and the auxiliary heating.