Free Visual Health Check

Book a FREE Visual Health Check – any make, anymodel* – and ensure your van is safe and roadworthy.

Whether your van has been sitting idle for long periods, or you’ve been putting in extra milesover the past months, regular vehicle checks will keep your drivers and other road users safe.

We’re here to help keep you and your business moving safely and legally.

Our free Visual Health Check is a quick 15-minute visual inspection of 28 critical maintenance points around your vehicle,spotting issues before they become a problem to reduce unexpected downtime or repair bills and help maximise yourvehicle’s reliability in the long run. Failure to keep your vehicle roadworthy could also result in a £2,500 fine. It makes sense tospend 15 minutes now to save time and money in the future.

The Visual Health Check includes:

- Brakes: front/rear pad wear, front/rear disc condition

Under vehicle: steering condition, suspension condition, drivetrain check

Under bonnet: brake fluid level, coolant level, V belt tension/condition, fluid leaks, battery security/condition

Wheel and tyres: tyre depth/condition

Exterior vehicle: windscreen condition, window condition, exterior mirror condition, wiper condition

Exterior lights: lights operation, lens condition

Interior vehicle: horn, washers, wiper operation, seatbelt operation/condition, parking brake operation.

Why book your free visual health check with us?

There’s no obligation to book any repairs – at the end of the check, you’ll receive a 28-point report from our trainedtechnicians, letting you know about any advisory or urgent actions required. It’s up to you what you do with thisinformation – but we’d be happy to give you a competitive quote for any work necessary to keep your business movingsafely and legally.

Extended opening hours – our workshops are opening earlier and staying open later, so businesses can access ourservices and everyone can make the most of their working day.

Keeping you moving safely – we’re implementing all appropriate safety and distancing measures, and all staff andtechnicians are up-to-date and complying with all the latest government guidance.

*Registered before 31/12/2017

To book your free Visual Health Check or get help and advice, call us on 02920 310310.